Romford Quakers

7 Balgores Crescent, Gidea Park, RM2 6AB


Day of Healing.

Saturday 7th March 2020  11.30am to 2.30pm

A I R Process

You begin by tuning in to the Presence of God (Attunement)

Look deep within and focus on ‘that of God within you’. Be aware of the Presence of God surrounding all.


The second stage is Intention

Have the very clear intention in mind of the person or situation in need of healing. As a channel for healing, let that of God within you reach out to the healing concern. Visually surround that concern with the Light and the Love of God. Do not seek for a specific outcome. Ask that the healing given be for the highest good of the person or situation.


The third stage of the process is Realease

At best, we are channels for healing, so ‘let go and let God’ : allow your spiritual energy to join with others, so that our corporate spiritual energy is released to focus on those healing needs that are of concern to us all.


Meet the Romford Quakers at a Day of Healing

Local Quakers are hosting an open Day of Healing at their Meeting House in Romford on the Saturday 7th March.

Everyone is welcome to drop in for a few minutes or stay as long as they want.  We welcome all faiths and none.   We will be  praying for healing for individuals, a group of people, our society,  the planet and whatever is in our hearts .  You can share your prayers in the sessions or leave them unspoken.

Our members are involved with many local charities, organisations and causes as part of living our Quaker lives but we often don't explain the Quaker connection as  we are usually more focused on following our leadings than explaining what they are .  However,  in  a world that feels increasingly out of step with spiritual life, we think we have a great deal to offer those who seek  direct spiritual guidance alongside welcoming and non-judgemental  fellow seekers.  So do come and join us at our Day of Healing and find out more of who we are.

Quakers follow diverse spiritual paths, looking and listening for signs of God's leadings and following these in the wider world as best we can. This is a way that we have each chosen,  very few of us are born into Quaker families.  In every generation there are those who feel called to join us and their passions, insights and leadings  renew us and shape the direction of our spiritual paths.

Our experience has shown us that we can find God directly through quiet listening both in the stillness and from other’s words or actions. We have not needed priests, holy books and creeds, holy buildings or holy days. We affirm that  no space is more sacred than another, and no time more sacred than another.

We worship together in our Meeting House to support each other and test out that the leadings we  receive.  We call each other Friends and refer to our meeting places as Friends Meeting Houses.

Over the past 350 years, and in various places around the world, we have sought God in the quiet and stillness of our worship and in our day to day lives. The leadings we receive are varied so after testing these together,  they then enrich our understanding and commitment to our Testimony of  Equality,  Simplicity, Peace. Truth and Integrity.

Quakers try to live with these interlinked testimonies embedded in our lives.  Thus we look for that of God in everyone and treat all as equal before God.  We try to be open and honest in everything and live as simply as possible in a twenty first century world. We are deeply committed to peacemaking as the key to making a better world for us all.

The Day of Healing is at 11.30am to 2.30pm on Saturday 7th March at Romford Quaker Meeting House, 7 Balgores Crescent,  Romford RM2 6AB.  Parking available.  For more details look at www.romfordquakers.org.uk or 'Quakers in Romford' on Facebook.