About Quakers

All are welcome.

'Quakers' is the name often used for the Religious Society of Friends.
Although we have our roots in Christianity, we find meaning and value in the teachings and insights of other faiths and traditions.
Quakers believe there is something of God in everyone.
Quakers believe our faith is lived through action. We work positively and creatively with others to build a more just and peaceful world.
Quakers are committed to equality. We share responsibility for our work and worship and our life together without traditional structures or paid clergy.

The Quaker movement was started by George Fox in 1654.  He was a revolutionary thinker who was convinced that ordinary people have direct access to "the light within" and need no intermediaries in the form of priests or ministers to access "that of God in everyman".  This stance, and the way of life that his followers adopted led to much persecution and suffering in the early days of the movement.
Today, Quakers are to be found around the world, and meetings have been held in the Havering area since the 1930's, although it was not until 1944 that the first Meeting House was purchased, originally in Victoria Road, Romford.  The present Meeting House in Gidea Park was opened in 1961.  It is a pleasant building standing in its own grounds, used by various groups in the community, and is also available for hire.

Local Quaker History

Local History
"The Society of Friends (Quakers) in Havering" by Ian Hutchings which gives a detailed history of Quakers in general and in Havering.
This is available to download as a pdf document - click here